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Nonlinear processes and complex flow in the Ocean

This research thrust aims to apply novel multi-scale diagnostics we have been developing to better understand oceanic circulation, i.e. how the ocean flows. Oceanic and atmospheric circulation are the two main systems able to control Earth's climate and allow our planet to be habitable. Yet, there is a plethora of basic questions that remain unresolved regarding the energy pathways and processes in the ocean. We use a combination of satellite data, high-resolution general circulation models, and theoretical analysis to unravel and quantify nonlinear processes operating in this complex multi-scale system. If you are interested in either the theory or applications of geophysical flows and climate science, or in the analysis of realistic data in new and exciting ways, you may be able to help us in this research direction.

High-speed and variable density flows

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Magnetohydrodynamics and turbulent reconnection

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