ME201/ME400/MTH281/CHE400 Applied Boundary Value Problems

Professor Hussein Aluie

Office Hours

MWF 4:45pm-5:30pm, or by appointment

Hopeman 406


Dr. Benjamin Storer


By appointment

Teaching Assistants

Kristen Churnetski (HEAD TA)


Wednesday, 1-2pm in the MechE TA lounge (2nd floor of Hopeman)

Michael Lavell (PhD student)


Tuesday, 11am-noon in Carlson Library

Dyson Kennedy


Sunday, 3:30-4:30pm in the Physics, Optics, and Astronomy (POA) Library

Daniel Krajovic


Friday, 9-10 am in the MechE lounge

Chad Popik


Tuesday, 3-4 pm in the POA Library

Chris Ritthikarn


Wednesday, 3:30-4:30pm in the Carlson library


This course covers the classical partial differential equations of mathematical physics: the heat equation, the Laplace equation, and the wave equation. The primary technique covered in the course is separation of variables, which leads to solutions in the form of eigenfunction expansions. The topics include Fourier series, separation of variables, Sturm-Liouville theory, unbounded domains and the Fourier transform, spherical coordinates and Legendre’s equation, cylindrical coordinates and Bessel’s equation. The software package Mathematica will be used extensively. Prior knowledge of Mathematica is helpful but not essential. In the last two weeks of the course, there will be a project on an assigned topic. The course will include applications in heat conduction, electrostatics, fluid flow, and acoustics.


Homework 1, due Fri. Sept. 13

Homework 2, due Mon. Sept. 23

Homework 3, due Mon. Sept. 30

Homework 4, due Wed. Oct. 16

Homework 5, due Mon. Oct. 28

Homework 6, due Mon. Nov. 11

Homework 7, due Mon. Nov. 18

Homework 8, due Tues. Nov. 26

Course Project, due Wed. Dec. 11

Exam Schedule

October 4 (Friday) @ 3:25pm

Dewey 2162

November 1 (Friday) @ 3:25pm

Dewey 2162

December 6 (Friday) @ 3:25pm

Dewey 2162